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Steps to Building a Successful Program

If you’re ready to begin or expand a registered apprenticeship program for your business, get started by downloading the Utah Registered Apprenticeship Playbook. An apprenticeship program is a good fit for jobs that need at least one year of on-the-job training and include an educational component. Apprenticeship can be a part of the solution to any of the following challenges within your business:

  • Difficulty filling positions that require technical skills
  • New technology that requires employees to learn new skills
  • An aging workforce resulting in loss of skills and knowledge 
  • High turnover due to lack of advancement opportunities

There are already more than 1,200 apprenticeable occupations nationwide, so you can likely pattern your program after another while tailoring it to your specific needs.

Process for Starting Your Apprenticeship Program


Connect with Utah’s apprenticeship experts by emailing or calling 801-707-3549 to help design and register your program. This includes determining the right model, building partnerships and obtaining resources.


Determine the structure of your program.  Is it an individual program or will you connect to an existing intermediary sponsor? You will also identify your Related Training Instruction provide.


Register your program with the Department of Labor - Office of Apprenticeship. Workforce Services will help facilitate this process.


Join the Utah Apprenticeship Network.  Connect with businesses and partners to enhance the core components of your program. Share your best practices and tell your story.


Start connecting with apprentices. Post apprenticeships on and ask your Workforce Development Specialist about funding resources available. Also make sure to ask to have your program added to the Employment and Training Provider List.

Program Toolkit Downloads

Utah Registered Apprenticeship Playbook - Complete

Utah Registered Apprenticeship Playbook

Utah Apprenticeship Mentoring Principles

Frequently Asked Questions for Employers

ROI Calculator

Like any other business investments, an apprenticeship program has associated costs and benefits. Once established, apprenticeship programs reduce turnover rates, increase productivity, lower the cost of recruitment and increase safety in the workplace or job site. For every dollar an employer invests in an apprenticeship, they see a return on investment of about $1.50. Learn more about how apprenticeship reduces turnover and benefits employers by visiting here.


Explore the costs and benefits of an apprenticeship program

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