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Is the Automotive Industry for Me?

Do you like to tinker with things? Are you a car enthusiast? If you have a knack for fixing things, an automotive apprenticeship may be a good fit for you. Each year the number of cars on the road continues to grow; however, the number of people interested in working in the industry has decreased. There is a definite demand for more service technicians to keep up with the growing, changing industry.

As an automotive apprentice, you will help review the status of vehicles, disassemble vehicles, organize, sort and label parts as well as work with service writers and technicians on reassembling the vehicles. With a little experience, you will complete a repair job from start to finish. You will have the ability to move up quickly based on your learned skills and confidence in your work. Upon completion, you will receive industry recognized credentials and a nationally recognized certification from the U.S. Department of Labor.

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Pathways Available

Automotive Service Technician: Diagnose, adjust, repair or overhaul automotive vehicles.

Auto Body Technician: Perform technical jobs, welding, electrical and harder repairs. Gain knowledge of equipment, vehicles and repair theory.

Bus, Truck and Diesel Engine Specialist: Diagnose, adjust, repair or overhaul buses and trucks, or maintain and repair any type of diesel engine.

Apprenticeship Duration

1 - 4 years depending on the occupation and whether it is time-based or competency-based.

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Skills Needed

  • General vehicle skills
  • Hand-eye coordination/dexterity
  • Passion for fixing things
  • Willingness to do manual labor
  • Confident
  • Problem solver
  • Welding knowledge a plus
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Current Wages

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