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Skills Assessment

Many students are unaware of the number of good-paying jobs available after high school that do not require a four-year degree. For those that may not feel ready to start college or are not interested in pursuing a traditional college degree, understanding their natural talents and what they envision for their future can help you direct them to the right career path. Pre-apprenticeships and youth apprenticeships offer a great alternative for students as young as 16 to gain on-the-job experience and education to help jumpstart their careers.

For students who are unsure about what to pursue after high school, the following links will help match their skills with career paths that fit their interests, personality and aptitudes. The results can provide them with new insights and direction as they determine their future.

Once they’ve narrowed down their options, have them consider exploring apprenticeship opportunities available within the occupation and aptitude results.

YouScience Aptitude & Career Discovery

Explore aptitudes and review personalized career matches. Utah high school students already have an account with their local school.

Get My Future

This site is a one-stop resource to help anyone ages 16 to 24 plan and achieve their career, education and employment goals.