Melisa Stark, Commissioner of Apprenticeship in Utah

About the Apprenticeship Utah Network

In August 2019, Melisa Stark was appointed as Commissioner of Apprenticeship Programs housed within the Department of Workforce Services after the Utah legislature created the position earlier that year.

The Apprenticeship Utah Network has been established to: 

  1. Expand and promote apprenticeship opportunities across Utah by connecting companies to learn best practices from their peers that have already established similar programs 

  2. Connect future apprentices to apprenticeship opportunities.

  3. Educate parents, counselors and other educators on what apprenticeships are and the value for students.

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The network is comprised of businesses, industry associations, labor-management organizations, related instruction training providers and government agencies. The network benefits employers across many sectors in developing and maintaining apprenticeship programs in construction, IT, manufacturing, healthcare and other industries across the state. We host networking events to provide support for and grow apprenticeship opportunities in Utah. To subscribe to our email list to learn about upcoming events, join our newsletter. To view our business to business webinars click here. To join the network, email

Introducing the Apprenticeship Utah Network

Members of the Network