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The Apprenticeship Utah hub is your one-stop shop for everything you need to know about registered apprenticeship programs. Our purpose is to increase accessibility to apprenticeship programs statewide and provide valuable resources for:

  • Employers seeking to begin or to manage ongoing apprenticeship programs
  • Future apprentices to explore opportunities and connect to employers hiring apprentices
  • Educators to become more familiar with what apprenticeships are and their value as a pathway to a successful career 

For Utah to maintain strong economic growth, there must be a highly-skilled workforce. Apprenticeships are a key strategy for talent recruitment and ongoing workforce development to build and maintain a strong, skilled workforce to meet the needs of Utah employers.

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Apprenticeship in Utah statistics:
                                    In Utah, the number of apprenticeship programs for state fiscal years from 2017-2020 are 
                                    182, 196, 198 and 234. The number of active apprentices for state fiscal years from 2017-2020 
                                    are 3,005, 2,970, 3,814 and 4,128. There were 1,678 new apprentices in 2020. There were 21 new 
                                    apprenticeship programs in 2020. In 2020, there were 1,223 apprentices ages 35 and older, 1,849 
                                    apprentices ages 25-34 and 1,055 apprentices ages 16-24. Of all apprentices in 2020, 3.5% were 
                                    female and 96.5% were male while 9% were veterans.
National apprenticeship statistics in 2020 include:
                                    - There is a 94% retention rate of employees who complete an apprenticeship program. 
                                    - The average national wage for an apprentice upon completion is approximately $70k annually. 
                                    - There are nearly 26,000 apprenticeship programs nationwide. 
                                    - Apprentices who complete their program earn approximately $300k more over their career than non-apprenticeship participants.
                                    - There are more than 636,000 apprentices training nationwide.
                                    - There are approximately 1,200 occupations officially recognized as apprenticeable by the U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Apprenticeship.

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