Female youth looking at refinery

Success Stories

With more than 4,000 active apprentices in Utah each year, we hear stories of successful individuals who have jump-started their careers through youth apprenticeships, pre-apprenticeships or apprenticeships in a variety of industries. Apprentices receive wage increases as they learn new skills, all while earning nationally-recognized credentials. If you are interested in pursuing a youth apprenticeship, pre-apprenticeship or apprenticeship, check out the videos below to hear about the experiences from current and graduated apprentices.

Ty Stark, Carpenter Apprentice, Hogan Construction

Ty Stark took advantage of an apprenticeship program with Hogan Construction where he has gained field experience in carpentry. His apprenticeship has helped kick start his career in construction and provided him with valuable skills he can use and build on in the future.

JFF Why I Apprentice - Youth Apprenticeship Video Series

Numerous youth apprentices share why they chose an apprenticeship and some of the skills they have gained from their experiences. They tell about the benefits of apprenticeship including hands-on learning, having a stable job with great pay and not going into debt for college.