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Find Opportunities

Pre-apprenticeship and youth apprenticeship opportunities for students are offered through an employer or an intermediary program sponsor. Students can become an apprentice or pre-apprentice by searching open apprenticeship job opportunities from employers across the state and directly applying with the employer of the apprenticeship program. Some youth apprenticeships are open for students as young as 16, with most opportunities available at 18.

Students can visit jobs.utah.gov and log in or create a job seeker account to search for apprenticeship job openings. If a student is interested in seeking a youth apprenticeship or pre-apprenticeship but needs more guidance, encourage them to find an American Job Center near them.

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Career Pathways

Aligned with the national Career Clusters, Utah Career Pathways enhance the high school experience and better prepare students for future career success. The Career Technical Education (CTE) courses integrate classroom instruction and hands-on learning which culminates in an industry-recognized credential of value. There is an opportunity to connect more CTE programs with apprenticeship, youth apprenticeship or pre-apprenticeship, allowing youth to launch their careers prior to or directly after graduation.

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Related Training Providers

Students can explore apprenticeship programs and see who provides the related training instruction by searching the Apprenticeship Eligible Training Provider List. They will be able to answer your questions, let you know when they are accepting new apprentice applications and provide additional information. To search for opportunities nationwide, visit the national apprenticeship website.

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Explore Occupations

Explore the links below to find out more about industries currently offering apprenticeships for high-demand occupations in Utah. See success stories of current apprentices and those that have successfully completed an apprenticeship program.